Photos From The Past: Calera Band In Front of Bank, Circa 1885

Another great old-time photograph shows the Calera Band performing in front of Brinkerhoff Bank in Calera, circa 1885.

To see more pictures of the people, places and things that make up the history of Shelby County, stop by the Shelby County Museum and Archives.

Pictures From The Past: C.W. & Ella Wade of Calera, Circa 1899

Quite frequently I come across pictures in the museum collection that fascinate me.  This picture of C.W. Wade and his daughter Ella Wade is one of them.

I love the expression on her sweet face as she sits on the back of what appears to be an early model Indian Motorcycle.

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Medicine in the Good Ole’ Days

Fig Flavored Ex-Lax.  Citrate of Magnesia. Cream of Tartar lozenges.  Medicine has come a long way since the time you could find these remedies on the shelf of your local drug store.

The Shelby County Museum & Archives has a great collection of vintage medicine bottles and treatments.  Some claim to cure rheumatism.  Others promise relief to ailments we don’t wish to discuss! Continue reading “Medicine in the Good Ole’ Days”