Cawaco RC&D Assists Shelby Iron Works Park In Replacing HVAC Units

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends.  Such was the case for the Shelby Iron Works Park when we were recently faced with the dilemma of replacing HVAC units for our Country Store and our Museum.  One unit at the County Store was completely destroyed by vandalism in December 2018.  The other unit at the museum worked sporadically for a while, and then finally gave out.

Cawaco Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. came to our rescue and provided funding for the purchase of two new units.

“Without the assistance of Cawaco, the purchase of the new HVAC units would have created a financial strain for the park,” said Jennifer Maier, Executive Director of the park.  “We work hard throughout the year to raise money for park improvement.  We want that money to go to park development projects that benefit the community.  Thanks to CAWACO for stepping in and helping us out.  The HVAC units will make our buildings pleasant for visitors all year long.”

This is not the first time Cawaco has assisted the Shelby Iron Works Park.  In 2015, the park received funding to clear 12 acres of land containing historically significant furnace ruins from the 1840s.

We would also like to thank State Representative Corley Ellis and Shelby County Commissioner Kevin Morris for facilitating this project.  Their love for the work being done at the park is evident, and we thank them for their continued support.

Additional thanks to Shelby County for providing the installation and labor for the two units.

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