From The Beginning To The End

Written by Olivia Railey,
Sentinels Historical Research team 2017 Winner of $1,000 Scholarship

While hunting for thriving farm lands along with an easy access to water resources the families of Kidd and Harper settled in Harpersville around the year 1815. Not long after, the town became full of many different shops from basic stores to blacksmiths. In the 1800s it was typical of wealthy families to be buried near their plantation. This held true in the small town of Harpersville until the Harpersville Garden of Memories was established. The Garden of Memories is one of the oldest cemeteries in Harpersville. It is the home after death for many major families of Harpersville including the Kidd family. The families of Borum and Darby, who used to own the house that is now the Harpersville Public Library, are also buried in the cemetery.

When touring the cemetery paying close attention to the headstones are extremely important. Most headstones with the image of a lamb or a lamb statue near them are typically a sign of a death of a child at a young age. Some of the first headstones are noticeably eroded and to read the the names and dates is a struggle. Veterans and even soldiers killed in action can be found here, too. Alwin J. Kidd, located in the Garden of Memories and a member of the Kidd family, was a 1st lieutenant killed in action at the battle of Chickamauga during the American Civil War. While most original headstones are slowly being knocked down and eroded by weather, some families are still at work trying to preserve and take care of their family sites. Such as the Moore family who in 2005 restored the grounds of Reverend Lemuel Moore and Orpah Moore.