A House With Many Jobs

Written by Olivia Railey,
Sentinels Historical Research team 2017 Winner of $1,000 Scholarship

Located at the edge of Harpersville, Alabama, in front of city hall, is a house no bigger than 500 square feet. By the townspeople of Harpersville, the house is know by the name the Darby House or the Darby-Borum House. The house was home for many- being know as a place for gathering by people in the Harpersville community.

The early Darby family used to serve meals to Baptist ministers Reverend Scott and Reverend Welch, who were pastors to at least four churches around Harpersville at the time. The Darby family even had associations with frequent visitor Henry B. Walthall- famous Shakespearean and American film actor- who became a treat of entertainment.

The Darby House was owned by the Darby family up until only two years ago. It is now known as the Harpersville Public Library and is run by Marsha Reynolds Moore. The Darby House, since its original established date, has been renovated to meet the accommodations of the library.

More recent generations of the Darby Family have found it hard to cope with the fact that what used to be an environment of a loving family is now a resource center for people of all ages in Harpersville looking for a good book. The Harpersville Public library is a branch of the Shelby County Library and frequently trades books to make sure there is always a new variety of literature available. Although the Darby House may only be known as a library now, it still is an environment where people can come together and learn history.

Photographs courtesy of: Marsha Moore- used with permission