Shelby County Camera Club Creates Images That Tell A Story

Picking up where we left off last year, the museum once again opened its doors to members of the Shelby County Camera Club so that work could continue on the museum photography project.

Camera Club President Ted Vodde, veteran photographer Hank Siegel, and camera club member Penny Wegener went to work, this time focusing their attention on military items in the museum’s collection.

While many objects were photographed on their own, there were some items that were grouped together to tell a story.

The photograph above is a grouping created by Penny Wegener, and it includes items representative of what a Civil War soldier would have seen on a daily basis.  Bullets, a powder flask and cannon balls show the horrors of war. A Bible, dominoes, a snuff can, whiskey and ale bottles, and photographs of loved ones tell how a soldier might have spent his free time.

Thanks to Penny for such a wonderful picture!!!

To see these items in person, drop by and visit the Shelby County Museum & Archives.

Check back to see new pictures added over the next few weeks!