Shelby County Arts Council and Shelby County Museum & Archives Team Up To Celebrate Bicentennial

The Shelby County Museum & Archives will serve as inspiration for artists for the upcoming “Art As History” exhibit that will premier during annual celebration of Liberty Day in Columbiana.


“Art as History” The 2017 SCAC Adult Juried Art Show

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Now accepting submissions for the 2017 Adult Juried Art Show! This year’s show will be in conjunction with the upcoming Alabama 200 Bicentennial Celebration. By decree from the Governor of Alabama 2017, 2018, and 2019 have been designated as years of celebration approaching this monumental bicentennial benchmark.
SCAC is calling all artists and we are lowering our entry fee to $30 this year!
In conjunction with the Alabama 200 promotion, there will be a historical theme for this year’s the 2017 Adult Juried Art Show. The theme OF ALL PIECES SUBMITTED will be historical in nature to reflect the unique history of Shelby County and its residents. This year’s entry fee is only $30 (maximum of 2 pieces submitted). ALL ENTRIES must be inspired by a visit to the Shelby County Museum and Archives (located in the beautiful town of Columbiana Alabama right on Main Street). The artist is encouraged to visit the museum in person but if that is not possible please see the link below to do your visual research ONLINE.
We encourage all artists to take advantage of this great opportunity! We realize that the theme is challenging but the payoff for recognition will be worth the trouble as we are part of a bigger statewide celebration. The winning entries will be exhibited during an annual festival celebration in Columbiana known as Liberty day. In addition to the Liberty Day Exhibit all entering artists will be invited to a gallery party and reception the night prior to the liberty day exhibit.
The rules for the submissions are as follows:
The entry must be based on a historical theme from Alabama inspired by an on object, a subject or an image from the Shelby County archives museum. The entry must be based on an artifact or reference from the Shelby County Archives Museum in Columbiana. It is strongly suggested that the artist make a trip to the archives museum in order to sketch and/or do their own research to select an inspiration. If not find an inspiration online at this link:
The artist may choose to take a subjective or objective approach. If the historical reference from the museum is not apparent (visually), the artist is allowed to submit a (up to)500 word explanation in the form of a word document accompanying the digital image submission.
This is a unique contest supported and recognized by the Alabama State Council on the Arts. We will have two judges on our panel; one judge who is an expert in Alabama history and one judge who is qualified to judge the Art itself. The two scores will be combined to come up with the juried entries and consequently the winners.
Cash prizes are as follows: Best in show: $750, Best in painting: $250, Best in drawing: $250, Best in photography: $250, Best in 3-D: $250
Other benefits for winners include features and the Shelby County Reporter and Shelby Living magazine. The winning artists will be featured in our newsletter at the Shelby County arts Council which goes out to over 1800 recipients.

All entering artists are invited to be a part of two big events associated with the contest.


Deadline for submissions – May 21, 2017

Notification of winners – June 5, 2017

Deadline for Art Drop off – June 19, 2017

Gallery Reception Party at SCAC – June 23, 2017

Liberty Day Exhibition at the SC Archives Museum, June 23 through July 28 2017.

**About The Photography Category: We realize that the assignment given is limiting for photographers in that you must have a historical reference from the Shelby County museum & archives in Shelby County. With that said as a photographer it won’t be the first or last difficult assignment you’ll ever have so we hope you will take this one as an interesting challenge. Please work with the Director of the Museum (Jennifer Maier) if you need relics or items removed from a case to be photographed; this may not always be possible but if it is ,the staff will be willing to work with you! You will find the museum itself is a wonderful old interesting building and hopefully will inspire your work.
Shelby County Archives Museum
1854 North Main
Columbiana, AL 35051
Museum Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 3pm and on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9am-3pm.

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