Photography Project Brings Museum Artifacts To Life

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it stands to reason that a thousand pictures must be worth a million words, right?

The Shelby County Museum & Archives might soon know the answer to that question thanks to help from members of the Shelby County Camera Club.

Camera Club President Ted Vodde and veteran photographer Hank Siegel joined me one morning in October to begin the fun (but tedious) process of photographing the museum’s collection.

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Shelby Sentinels Learn Lessons On Local History

As several students from area high schools recently learned, history is all around us, even in places you might never suspect.

That was the lesson learned November 5th, when students participating in the Shelby Sentinel Ambassador Program took a field trip to some out-of-the-way locations in Harpersville and Vincent.

Fred Olive, President of the Shelby County Historical Society, Inc., joined forces with fellow board members David Nolen and Albert “Peter” Datcher, Jr., in an effort to expose the Sentinels to parts of Shelby County that don’t often receive the attention they deserve.

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