Medicine in the Good Ole’ Days

Fig Flavored Ex-Lax.  Citrate of Magnesia. Cream of Tartar lozenges.  Medicine has come a long way since the time you could find these remedies on the shelf of your local drug store.

The Shelby County Museum & Archives has a great collection of vintage medicine bottles and treatments.  Some claim to cure rheumatism.  Others promise relief to ailments we don’t wish to discuss!

Remedy makers would travel from town to town and put on entertaining medicine shows, attracting audiences that would come to see skits, juggling, magic tricks and other shenanigans, all in an attempt to lure customers into buying their amazing cures.

Many of these early “entrepreneurs” were successful, with their medicinal products become wildly popular.

I invite you to come by and look at our collection of pills, tablets, lozenges and liniments.